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When we all migrated to facebook, this website became obsolete. Time to change it up!

Next week

To my favorite people!!!! Is everyone excited? The Dyar’s are planning on a great 3 or 4 days! Of course the wedding will be the best part, but I am scheming for other things too. How about a picnic in the park on Saturday evening with the Lee Ericsons and the Ray Ericson’s? I wrote to Dave and JIm and to Karen this morning to see if they would be interested. I would really love to see MY cousins. I know that my kids and nieces and nephews probably have no interest in their 2nd cousins, but I am thinking that you could humor your parents for one evening and tag along with us. Also, the Dyar’s have thought that it would be great to go to the Salt Lake temple on Saturday morning. Some of us could do an endowment session and the others could do baptisms. What do you think? Let me know.

Elsina is engaged?

So can I have more info plz! Post in a new comment so it shows up on the main page!


Ummm, Uncle Quin, I have been anxiously awaiting your facebook friend request. I gave you the weekend to deal with your computer repairs and the creation of your account. Time’s up. Get going! haha. I will keep an eye out for you.

Also, Pinetop and human slingshots seem like good ideas. Erica, you’re always thinking.


Okay everyone.  Today I looked at the site for the first time in weeks.  I had given up on it and thought it was obsolete.  Now I am happy to see that someone still cares.   It is just an old Grandma sort of thing but I much prefer the family page over FAcebook.  You who haven’t posted for awhile — try it, you’ll like it!!!


If you guys want to see what my law school experience includes, read these articles. Things are getting out of hand up here. Who would have guessed this whole adult-professional-school thing would turn out to be so dramatic?!

Erica on CBS News


Ok, ok…after Chris and Maren’s reply to my note I’ve decided to get on facebook – BUT, I have to take my computer in to be fixed tomorrow so I’m not going to sign up until I get the computer back. I’m hoping to have it back by Thursday so it looks like this weekend will be the soonest I can once again be in touch with what’s going on. Hey, and for all you that make fun of me because of my dial-up status, I have finally gotten into the 20th century and have high-speed. Now I guess the next big step will be getting a VCR or DVD player!

Nancy’s Blog

I have updated Nancy’s blog address to see pics of us in Japan!

Reply to Maren’s “snow day”

Well, this is the second reply I’m making tonight – the first reply disappeared somewhere.  This website is the hardest thing to use. I get so frustrated because I’ll type a message and it won’t appear. It took me about 25 minutes the other night to figure out how to leave the last message. 

Well Maren, I got up and went to work today at 6:30 a.m. and it was 43 degrees and raining. It’s supposed to rain all night and through tomorrow. Tell your professors there are no snow days down in Utah!  We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow night.  I wish it would stay like this for another two to three months!